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Our instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you to come try a variety of classes.

Mari, 200 RYT

Along with being a yogi, I'm also a mother of 2 boys, a wife, a dog lover, soccer player and a veteran.  I began doing yoga in my early 20's.  I have practiced many different types of yoga and have now found my heart in a vinyasa flow style. After spending a little less than 4 years in the Army, I was in need of some mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  I found myself on many different therapists' couches but yoga is really what made the difference.  I have found peace, love, and happiness within myself again and it all begins with a breath. This very healing is what inspired me to become a yoga teacher; I would like to help others along their journey. 
               Life is a collection of experiences; some good and some bad.  What we make of these trials and tribulations shapes our being.  This journey gives us strength, resiliency, and intelligence.  We have countless opportunities to rebuild ourselves to live a stronger and happier life; it's never too late and you're never too old.


Angelina DeMers,  RYT500, RYFT & E-RYT200   IIN Certified Health Coach

Nina has been practicing yoga most of her life, she loves to teach and help others discover what she has through meditation and practice.  She has been very fortunate to have many amazing and loving teachers in her life giving her the ability to share her love of yoga with others.  Studying in Belize, India and all across the United States she has become in all ways a true yogi.  Although many times she can be quoted saying "I have so much to learn, I'm not sure where to even begin"  Studying Ayurveda and Nutrition she is also a certified Health Coach.  When she is not on the mat she is making delicious meals and teaching about healthy eating styles that will last for a life time.  She is also the mother of 3 amazing children, Rae, Dani, Robert.  

Morgan Staarmann,  Body Sculpt Instructor

My journey with physical fitness began at a very young age.  I've always been very athletic and through the years, have had my fair share of injuries.  For a while, back pain was in total control of my life. One day, yoga became the topic of a conversation and I decided to give it a try.  What was the worst that could happen, I take back the control in my life?  Many classes/hours later,  I can say that was the best decision I could've made.  Yes, yes is the answer!  I make the calls instead of the pain dictating my days.  With yoga I've found not only pain relief but flexibility, strength and best of all, a new sense of peace.  That my friends, is priceless.  I'm so grateful to be able to give back and to be an instructor at Nina's awesome studio.   I'll save the best for last.....  I'm very fortunate to be the proud mother of a wonderful son named Tyler. 
We've got so much ahead of us, let the journey begin!  

Christine, ​200 RYT

Christine's love for yoga began in a small studio in San Francisco in 2008 while recovering from a neck/shoulder injury.  Immediately following her first Vinyasa class, she noticed less pain and tightness; something that traditional physical therapy hadn't accomplished. Being a physically active mom and occupational therapist, Christine recognized that yoga was not only just about exercise, but a more holistic way of being "intune" with your  body.  She moved from Sunny California to Ohio in Nov 2014 and received her 200 hr RYT certification in Ashtanga through Yoga Ah in July of 2015.  She continued training and completed TRX suspension training in March 2016, her 100 hr Rocket Vinyasa training in Dec 2016, and recently received her Pilates mat certification.  Christine believes her strong and vigorous classes are fun and challenging but can also slow things down when needed. She hopes you will see transformation in your life from yoga just as she has experienced.

Tian, 200 RYT
My passion for yoga was sparked when I stumbled upon it at the end of a Power 90 workout video more than 10 years ago. Initially, my focus was on the strength I was building, the power that came from holding a strong posture. As I began to explore yoga more, I started to realize the incredible, even more substantial benefits of yoga.
As a single mom of two amazing boys, I’d found a sense of calm, peace and order – along with an incredible workout. I found myself supported physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by my yoga practice. I started to realize that yoga was leading me down a path of not only physical well-being, but emotional healing, and I knew it was something I wanted to share with others. I learned more in my 200-hour teacher training than I could ever imagine, and am excited to continue my journey as a teacher and a yogi.
I am grateful for my incredible network of family and friends and love spending time with them. In addition to practicing yoga, I also love circuit training, running, CrossFit, and kickboxing. I have a passion for art, music, travel, and baking. I am grateful for, and passionate about life, and enjoy living it to the fullest!

Amy, ​Awesome Pilates & Barre Inst.

​My passion for helping others live well through safe and effective movement began after a 2001 personal injury and long road to recovery.  Pilates and Yoga allowed my spine to recover and I found a pain free life, without surgery.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education and have been teaching group exercise since 2006. I have trained with Balanced Body® as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, and have certificates in Mat I and II, Reformer I, II, and III, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Arc, Barrels, Anatomy in 3 dimensions, special populations and apparatus workshops.  I am also a certified bootybarre® instructor, and have an in-home studio (Studio123, LLC) for Private and Duet equipment-based Pilates sessions.