​​Our Studio floor is cork, Why is it Green?  Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree and is one of the most sustainable materials available. Cork trees are not damaged in the harvest of the wood since only the outer bark is “trimmed” which then grows back completely time and time again to allow the cork tree to remain living for up to 200 years.  Removing the excess cork bark around a tree actually helps promote the health of the tree.  The type of cork tree we gather materials from can be harvested at least 20 times in a tree’s lifespan, about every nine years.  Cork is one of the most green and renewable materials in the world.

We pride ourselves in being the only yoga studio in this area of Cincinnati because we are able to reach portions of the community in which yoga has not been easily accessible before.  For this very reason, our classes and instructors are very welcoming and non-intimidating.  We welcome yogis of all ages and beliefs.  Our hope is to continue to offer yoga as a well rounded strategy for living a healthy, happy, and inspired life.

​​Our Hot Yoga Studio is custom designed with Infrared Heat.   We have married the ancient science of yoga, with all of it’s miraculous benefits, with the modern technology of far infrared heat.  The room is not oppressively hot when you enter because infrared heat works by using your body’s own energy. As you begin to warm up in your practice so does the room.  Unlike regular hot yoga studios, far infrared heat actually has numerous therapeutic benefits:  removes toxins that are stored in the body, improves flexibility & joint mobility, promotes healing, reduces muscle stiffness and pain, decreases soreness & inflammation, increases circulation, improves skin tone (it will even heal sunburn), promotes weight loss, enhances heart function, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and speeds cancer recovery.  Visit our studio to experience the many benefits of infrared heat combined with your yoga practice.

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