Sunday, June 11

$10 Donation

​9 - 1130 am

Paul Brown Stadium 

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Tuesday at 9:30 am & Wednesday at 5:30 pm


​Amy S. 

New Classes

Get started today with our new yoga classes and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life.

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

Sliding into OM

Saturday, August 26

$15 donation

745 - 10 am

Great American Ball Park

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Rocket Vinyasa

Power Sculpt

Christine K. 

An 8 week empowering workout for women that teaches boxing skills and techniques designed to increase strength and endurance.  Program includes cardio, shadow boxing, and strength training exercises.  You will need hand wraps                                                   and boxing gloves.                                     

***Advanced registration in studio required***

-$150 for 16 (2 classes/per week)1.5 hr classes

​-$100 for 1 class per week and email with 2nd class workout

-$75 for 1 class per week

New students registered for 16 classes get 8 class pass BONUS

Yoga Day Trippin' with Nina's​ 

Tuesdays @ 10:45 am 

& Thursdays @ 10 am

Thursday 6:30 pm and Sunday at 11 am

PowerFlow Yoga

​Danielle C. 

Tuesdays @ 8 am 

Saturdays @ 1 pm

Boxing Bootcamp

The Spiral appears throughout nature so prolifically that it's presence is often overlooked.  I chose this archetypal symbol for the studio's logo specifically for it's deep seeded meaning throughout history across many different cultures and civilizations as well as in nature.  

In spiritual terms, the Spiral  can represent the path leading from the self or external consciousness (materialism, external awareness, ego, or outward perception) to the Self or inner soul (enlightenment, unseen essence, nirvana, or cosmic awareness).  Movement between the inner, intangible world and the outer, material world are mapped by the spiralizing of the archetypal rings.  This spiralizing pattern also marks the evolution of humankind, both as a species and as an individual.  

In terms of rebirth, the Spiral can represent the beginning of the consciousness of nature in the center and the continual expansion outward.

The next time you find yourself "on the mat" consider your growth from your first class.  You might not show significant growth from class to class but gradually, you are developing your practice into so much more than the first time you rolled a mat out. The Spiral gradually grows outward, off of your mat and into your life impacting more than just the physical practice of yoga or asana.  At the same time, your spiritual growth is leading you inward on the Spiral  to your Self, your inner soul where you connect with your Higher Power or the Universe.​  


Meet our newest instructor, Christine! She's bringin' an entirely new  class to Nina's, Rocket Vinyasa! Her deep seeded passion for yoga and infectious energy creates a fun and challenging class every time!!!